December 20, 2019

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff: Live from Dragonmeet 2019

Live at Dragonmeet, Ken and Robin talk Hindu mythology's secret role in the Norman Invasion, crisis on infinite podcasts, drinks to write by, and the real reason Ken had to make Trump president.

December 13, 2019

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff: All Books are Tax Deductible

In the latest episode of their visionary, extravagantly muscled podcast, Ken and Robin talk Blake at the Tate, Colby Elliott, and Ken's latest London book raid—complete with record-scratching twist!

December 06, 2019

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff: Nutty Crab Soup

An epic arc reaches its pulse-pounding conclusion as Ken and Robin confront the wonder and terror of the Sno-Voyageurs Cookbook! (And also talk the system matters debate, Profumo Affair and 1911 Ark of the Covenant expedition)