June 01, 2012

The Lion and the Aardvark cover reveal

As previously touted hereabouts, Pelgrane Press is launching a fiction imprint, Stone Skin Press, with yours truly serving as Creative Director.  The fourth book in our series of genre-busting anthologies will be The Lion and the Aardvark, a collection of modern fables from an impressive talent roster from writing scenes near and far.

Today we unveiled a cover mock-up to highlight the splendid illustration by Jim Zub, of Skullkickers and Udon fame. It brings a 1900s editorial cartoon style to the dueling laptops wielded by the opposed protagonists of Ekaterina Sedia’s title story.

I’m sure you’ll agree that Jim’s work more than meets the gold standard already set by Stone Skin cover artists, Gene Ha and Jason Morningstar.

We’re slating this for a Christmas release, so save space in your stockings.

The Ancient Scroll Presents Storycraft

Today The Ancient Scroll, a site specializing in RPG story ideas, launches the inaugural edition of StoryCraft, a column of scenario outlines written by well-known game designers. They’ve engaged me to write an installment every two weeks. Subscribe to their RSS feed, or keep an eye out for my links here on the blog or from whichever social media platform you use to track my doings.

The first installment, “By Fate Enslaved”, keys off an intriguing passage in Edward Gibbons’ Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire to present a tale of sudden slavery, a decadent imperial metropolis, and daring rescue. Check it out... in the original English, or in Polish translation.