November 05, 2013

FordWatch: Doug Ford Lashes Out at Police Chief

In a move so brazen I’m having a harder than usual time maintaining my satirical detachment, Toronto councilor Doug Ford, brother and enabler-in-chief to drain-circling Mayor Rob Ford, has now called on Police Chief Bill Blair to resign. His offenses? Having described the Ford crack video to the press, and having quasi-rescinded Ford’s invite to the annual police gala. Ford smears Blair as unaccountable because he went on a fishing trip with a Ford-approved police board appointee.

In a statement that in no way encourages us to recall his well-documented former occupation as a mid-tier Etobicoke hash dealer, Doug Ford said, to a media scrum, “Am I supposed to be intimidated by the police chief? The police chief doesn’t intimidate me.”

In the team of Tweedleford and Tweedleforder, Doug is supposed to be the voice of reason. To fully comprehend the throes of this meltdown, hear the above and below quotes in Pacino’s Scarface voice.

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