August 07, 2012

Announcing the Gen Con Buzzword for 2012

We’ve noted what is and isn’t in our collective wheelhouse. We’ve gone out to hoe the old idea farm. Last year we statused each other incessantly. But now another journey to Indianapolis beckons and it’s time to announce this year’s 2012 Gen Con buzzword competition.

Before the word is announced, a recap of the rules for those joining us already in progress. Players attempt to drop this hideous piece of business jargon into conversation in as many contexts as possible. Straightfaced usages score full points. Visible irony earns you a deduction. For extra points, slip it into podcasts, ENnies acceptance speeches, or like circumstances in which an innocent public is subjected to the buzzword’s full horror.

Super extra points are awarded for causing some other unfortunate soul to use the word as if it is a thing decent, sane people actually say.

To count, usages must occur at Gen Con.

With that out of the way, I can now formally announce that this year’s buzzword is incubate. This term of business jargon art takes the ordinary act of creating or developing ideas one hopes to make money from and confers on it a unearned halo of innovation. By likening your business plan to the protection of fragile new life, it conveys a sense of nurturing that couldn’t possibly be exploitative or douchey.

Examples of use:

  • “We’re incubating the project a little longer before taking it out to crowdfunding.”
  • “I’ll let that incubate a couple days and get back to you.”
  • “Let’s really incubate a sense of community on that one.”
  • “We don’t just hire talent. We incubate it.”

Report point-scoring activities to me for inclusion in the final tally, to be announced after the show. All judging decisions are final.