January 06, 2015

My Chupacabracon Schedule

This weekend I’m pleased to appear at Chupacabracon at the Norris Conference Center in historic Austin Texas. Organizers have rounded up a veritable constellation of tabletop luminaries, including my boon compadre Kenneth Hite, Feng Shui 2 developer Cam Banks, and Hillfolk contributors Jason Morningstar, Steven S. Long, John Wick and Sean Patrick Fannon.

Find me paneling, signing, podcasting and hobnobbing as follows:

Friday – Effective Networking in the Game Industry 4:30pm-6pm

Friday – Opening Ceremonies 6pm-7pm

Friday – VIP Meet and Greet 7pm-8:30pm

Saturday – Elements of RPG Game Design 9am-10:30am

Saturday – Building Memorable RPG Villains 11am-12:30pm

Saturday – Signing at Dragon’s Lair Books & Comics 1pm-2pm

Saturday – Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff LIVE 7pm-8:30pm

Sunday – VIP Brunch and Bitch 10am-11:30am

Hope to see you there, Austinites! Although your weather forecast is nowhere near as balmy as when I first started looking, it will still be an improvement on what we have here in Toronto.