August 16, 2011

Link Round-Up: Timely Review, TIFF Imminent

Dan Harms reviews Out of Time, the Trail of Cthulhu print compendium of non-1930s PDF scenarios.

Very exciting TIFF '12 announcements today: To, Tsukamoto, Lanthimos, Toyoda, Sono...and the 1st Whit Stillman in 13 years. Not to mention Juan of the Dead... Program book day is only a week away!

The Three Reveals of Gen Con (Part Two): Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff

Last week, I spilled my first reveal of Gen Con: New Tales of the Yellow Sign.

Now for the second reveal, earlier teased as “my imminent conquest, alongside an esteemed colleague, of a new medium.”

This would be a new podcast I’ll be launching in tandem with the Prince of Cairo, the ever-voluble, irrepressibly erudite Kenneth Hite.

Our title? “Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff.” Need I say more?

I thought not.

Yet I will, regardless. We’ll be trading palaver on games, film, history, eliptony and bookhoundery. Regular features will include Ken’s Time Machine, in which Ken tells us how he’d solve a given historical problem, if equipped with the means of chronotravel. We’ve already been asked if we’ll be fielding audience questions, and the answer is yes, we will!

We’re aiming for an early fall launch. Simon Rogers of Pelgrane Press is executive producing. He’s already lined up an impressive list of sponsors, but if you contact him right quick there might still be a slot left.

Watch this space for further details as our audio battle plan marches to inexorable fruition.