March 20, 2013

Hannover Spielt!

Attention, Germans and germophiles: I’ll be doing the guest thing at Hannover Spielt!, on April 20th and 21st. Check the site for venue, admissions and other details. I’m very happy to return to this cozy and welcoming event and looking forward to seeing more of the city this time around. Adding to the excitement will be the presence of the Muskrat Lord himself, John Kovalic. Along with the usual chat and panels, I’ll be running a game of Hillfolk as a convention fundraiser, so start hoarding your Euros in a context where they’re still worth something. The last time I was in Germany I had not yet been converted to the ways of beer, so some might say I have never really been there at all. I know you’ll be pleased, German gamers, to see me rectify that grievous omission against your national heritage.