August 26, 2011

Korad: Tomorrow's Ideologies

Last week we asked ourselves which crises threaten the empire’s stability, making room for the new ideologies that will soon arise to threaten the dominant ethos.
According to the new comment-and-like system, they are:
  1. Debates between religious scholars erode faith
  2. Imminent invasion by long-absent powerful aliens, in clandestine partnership with the scholar-lords of Montvale
  3. More men are being born than women, sparking to a patriarchal, atheistic youth protest movement
A new belief system has been born somewhere in the Koradi vastness. Today it is obscure and tiny—much more so than the rapidly growing patriarch movement. Over the next few centuries, the new way will rise, persevere through a period of tumultuous struggle, and in the end eclipse the old order. Over the course of this transformation, it will change in response to the tests it faces. It is not the only nascent ideology. Two other competing belief systems will rise alongside it, challenge its hold over the people, but ultimately fall by the wayside.

This week we'll define those three nascent belief systems. Propose your idea for a new belief system using the comment system below.

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