August 21, 2014

Finding Me at FanExpo Canada

As sure as summer turns ineluctably to fall, the packed-to-the-rafters multi-track madness of FanExpo Canada descends upon Toronto, this time from August 28th to 31st.  I’ll be taking part in the following gaming track seminars alongside a mix of local reliables and new faces.

Sat 4 pm Advanced Kickstarting and Crowdfunding (Room 701B)

Sat 5:30 pm GM Masterclass (Room 701B)

Sun 3:15 Robin’s Laws of Life, Love and Game Mastery (Room 703)

Sun 4:45 State of the Gaming Industry (Room 703)

Though I don’t do the booth thing at FanExpo, I’m more than happy to chat and sign books if you catch me in the hallway between seminars.  It’s what I’m there for.

The Birds: Unofficial

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