February 17, 2012

Top Ten Movies 2011

With Oscar season barreling down upon us, it occurs to me that I haven’t yet posted my 2011 Top Ten Movies list. I was thinking I’d get out and catch a last few likely candidates, but, as always, they will have to go sit in the asterisk pile.

  1. The Tree of Life

  2. Poetry

  3. 13 Assassins

  4. Drive

  5. Incendies

  6. Hugo

  7. Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame

  8. Into the Abyss

  9. The Trip

  10. House of Pleasures

Foreign-language and indie titles led my list this year. Because the rolling—that’s how I do it. I was going to link to the obscurer picks, but hey, you have the same Google I do. Most of these are already on disc. My highest-ranked blockbuster would be X-Men: First Class, coming in at #13.

Might have made the list if I’d seen them: Melancholia, Take Shelter, Moneyball.

Film festival screenings still pending theatrical release are not included, but may pop up on the 2012 list. Some of these I saw at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival, although they came out last year. As always, because I live in a great film town and know how to pick films I’ll probably like, I dub 2011 a good year for film. I have 43 films on my 2011 list and would recommend thirty of them.