August 24, 2011

Link Round-Up: Ouija Payoff, Lager Reveal

Universal pays Hasbro $5 mil not to have to make a Ouija movie.

Secret origin of German lager traced to creepy-looking orange galls on Argentinean beech trees.


I’ll be making one appearance at Toronto’s FanExpo later this week. The DMing Mastery panel features Ed Greenwood, Phil “Chatty DM” Menard and myself, and happens this Friday, at 4:00 pm, in room 715B.

Despite great attendance last year, the show’s upper powers have this time around scaled back tabletop panels to this one event. I’ll be dropping the show from my commitments list from next year onwards, so if you want to see me there, this will be your last chance for the foreseeable future.