September 07, 2013

TIFF Day Two: Skinheads, Greek Noir, Rooster Love & Dracula vs. Casanova

Story of My Death [Spain, Albert Serra, 1] Casanova idylls in a Swiss chateau, then a Carpathian village in the shadow of Dracula's castle. Languid mood piece could be made interesting, maybe even compelling, by any first year film editing student willing to cut the 60 minutes of superfluous material from its 2 1/2 hr running time.

Standing Aside, Watching [Greece, Yorgos Servetas, 3] Tough-minded woman newly moved back to her crappy hometown learns that her childhood friend and young new guy are both on thrall to the local psycho. Smalltown noir informed by the Greek economic meltdown delivers more slow burn than its ending can pay off.

Heart of a Lion [Finland, Dome Karukoski, 4] Neo-Nazi reconsiders his ways as he struggles to connect with his new girlfriend's biracial son. Deftly portrayed drama of redemption.

All About the Feathers [Costa Rica, Neto Villalobos, 4] Oddball security guard's newly purchased gamecock spurs the friendship of a motley group. Deadpan Kaurismakian vignettes drive the sweetest cockfighting flick ever.

Among the funding agencies given a title card at the top of the film: its 237 Indiegogo backers.