September 12, 2013

TIFF Day Seven: Giallo Dreams and a Blind Detective

American Dreams in China [HK, Peter Ho-Sun Chan, 3.5] Three buddies embody the Chinese economic boom as they build an English language class that meets in a KFC into a business empire. Fast-moving celebration of ambition and friendship.

Bastards [France, Claire Denis, 4] Returned sailor's investigation of the financier who abused his niece includes an affair with the mother of the man's child. Haunting Get Carter variation from France's greatest working director.

The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears [Belgium, Helene Cattet & Bruno Forzani, 4] No matter how many times he gets horribly murdered, a man who thinks his wife has disappeared plumbs the secrets of his bizarre art nouveau apartment building. Gorgeous, crazed tribute to 70s Italian horror tantalizes with the possibility that it will resolve into a comprehensible narrative. It's giallo as Jorge Luis Borges would have written it.

Blind Detective [HK, Johnnie To, 3.5] Raffish blind P.I. (Andy Lau) teaches athletic policewoman (Sammi Cheng) the secrets of deduction. Broad buddy cop rom-com reunites the stars of To's big domestic hits.