March 30, 2012

Don’t Read This Book

Evil Hat has released the cover image for Don’t Read This Book, its upcoming anthology of short fiction set in the Don’t Rest Your Head game setting. The insomniac protagonists of DRYH slip from our world to a surreal parallel realm of gothic strangeness, fearing both that they will never sleep again and that they will awaken, losing their strange new powers. My contribution to the book, “Don’t Lose Your Shit”, tells the tale of a recent inductee into this unending night, as he discovers a weird convenience store on the head-pounding borderland of sleep and waking. There in its beverage refrigerator awaits a troubling array of unfamiliar energy drinks, which hold out the promise of both doom and salvation to its haunted and shuffling denizens.

Note the impressive roster of writers assembled by the book’s editor, the fearless and peerless Chuck Wendig. I await announcement of a release date with hallucinatory fervor.