September 11, 2012

TIFF Day Six

So far my schedule has been weighted toward the serious side of world and indie cinema. Today took a swerve into genre territory, with vampires, demons, and a werewolf. Okay, there's a Detroit gas station in here too.

Byzantium [UK, Neil Jordan, 4] Vampires on the run (Gemma Arterton, Saoirse Ronan) take refuge in a seaside resort town. Mood-driven contemporary gothic tips the hat to the Hammer tradition.

Detroit Unleaded [US, Rola Nashef, 4] Young man stuck managing the family gas station/convenience mart falls for gorgeous girl in similar boat at phone store--but they're Arab-American, which is all the complication you need.Vibrant indie comedy buzzes with social observation.

Here Comes the Devil [Mexico, Adrian Garcia Bogliano, 3.5] Strained couple confronts weirdness after their son and daughter disappear overnight on a hill said to be haunted by ancient entities. Replaces the usual religious imagery of the demonic possession flick with domestic and sexual hysteria.

A Werewolf Boy [South Korea, Jo Sung-hee, 4] Sickly girl and her family take in and tame a feral teen who is more than he seems. Funny, romantic crowdpleaser.