May 01, 2012

See P. XX

In my promotional flurry for The Birds: There Goes My Dream Job I have been remiss in directing you to the April edition of Pelgrane Press’ webzine, See P. XX.

My eponymous column previews The Gaean Reach design process, explaining how a game I thought was going to be Skulduggery with a dash of GUMSHOE asserted itself the other way around.

But that’s just for starters! Also included:

  • an inquiry into the love life of the doomed Augustus Darcy, from Book of the Smoke
  • an introduction to the gorgeous artwork of new Pelgrane illustrator Phil Reeves
  • tradecraft and character dossiers for Night’s Black Agents
  • playtesting opportunities, including The Gaean Reach
  • tantalizing first looks for the 13th Age, Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet’s upcoming love letter to dungeon-crawling fantasy adventure
  • and as always, Simon’s update on what’s new and in the works at Pelgrane