October 03, 2011

Link Round-Up: Golden Geeks, Hero Researcher, Horror King, Wendig World

Thanks to Golden Geek Award nominators, who gave nods to The Armitage Files (best supplement) and Ashen Stars (best art). Bookhounds of London is up against Armitage, prompting me to wonder what the word is for a mixture of pride (that Ken got a nom as well) and vexation (that the two books will split the Trail of Cthulhu vote.) Irrichuffment?

Cancer-stricken researcher devises treatment, extends own life, dies, days later gets Nobel nod.

Laurent Bouzereau documentary covering Stephen King’s take on horror movies, first airing tonight on TCM, looks pretty promising.

As I prepare to lay down my group world-building stick, Chuck Wendig is picking his up.

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