July 22, 2019

Finding Me at Gen Con 2019

Hey, look what’s right around the corner again! Can it be a knife-wielding baby shoggoth? No, something much bigger and more exciting than that—adventure gaming’s biggest, whirwindiest convention, Gen Con, kicks off just a titch more than a week from now. If you’re headed there too and want to hear me lay down the wisdom and/or nonsense, I can be caught at the following panels:

2  pm Thursday Aug 1: Game Mastering 101 with Atlas Games, Crowne Plaza Pennsylvania Station A

4 pm Thursday Aug 1: Gaming with the King in Yellow, Stadium : Meeting Rm 8

1 pm Friday Aug 2: Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff Live, Stadium : Meeting Rm 8

5 pm Friday Aug 2: Investigative Roleplaying MasterClass, Westin : Grand Bllrm IV

2 pm Saturday Aug 3: Swords, Spies & Shoggoths: The Pelgrane Press Panel, Crowne Plaza : Pennsylvania Stn A

4 PM Saturday Aug 3: Dramatic Interaction MasterClass, JW : 202

As is its wont, KARTAS Live has sold out in advance, but perhaps you’ll be able to grab a seat left open by a no-show.

During exhibit hall hours, when I am not at a panel, on my way to a panel, or on my way back from a panel, I will be at the Pelgrane Press booth, 1417. Please swing by to say hi, ask a question, get books signed, or tell me about your favorite Hillfolk emotional tactic.

If you wish to see this year’s new shirt, and believe me you do, the day to catch me wearing it is Friday. Let no one say I don’t know how to lay down a teaser.

July 19, 2019

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff: You Can’t Say Eliptonic Without Tonic

In the latest episode of their ENnie-nominated podcast, Ken and Robin talk wait point scenario structures, thinking up good names, medicine hucksterism and politics, and time-machining the DC movies.

July 12, 2019

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff: We’ve Still Got that Other Folder

In the latest episode of our ENnie-nominated podcast, Ken and I talk scenario openings, critical term drift, radicalized FALL OF DELTA GREEN and Livonian werewolves.

July 05, 2019

Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff: The Molticore

In the latest episode of our leonine podcast, Ken and Robin talk invisibility problems, Daniel Defoe's spying, manticores and a king knighted by a robot saint.