July 29, 2011

Where To Find Me at Gen Con

If you’re looking for me at Gen Con, here’s my event schedule:

Friday 10 AM Hamlet's Hit Points seminar (Marriott – Santa Fe)

Friday 3 PM GUMSHOE seminar (Indiana Ballroom F)

Friday 5 PM Book Signing @ the Paizo booth

Sat 2 PM Pathfinder Tales panel (Marriott – Santa Fe)

Sat 4 PM Book Signing @ the Paizo booth

Otherwise, unless I am grabbing a bite, standing in line for espresso, or doing the impromptu meeting/interview thing, I’ll endeavor to make myself available for greeting, chatting and interacting at the Pelgrane Press booth.

If you say the right secret words, you might get me to spill the beans on up to three unannounced upcoming projects:

  • plans to, in tandem with esteemed colleague, conquer another medium

  • a book you should read about a book you shouldn’t

  • the rules set called DramaSystem, its first game, Hillfolk, and how they change the roleplaying experience

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